Dreamers, Herstorians and Tweeps

First we were dreamers. Before 1974, when we started publishing Herstory, we were dreamers. That was our own calendar era of B.C. (Before Collective), when the Saskatoon Calendar Collective was just a glimmer in our minds’ eye. We wanted to create a publication that celebrated the lives and history of Canadian women. And we did.

We became Herstorians. Our collective has seen more than 70 women contributing to the pages of Herstory over the years. These women came from all walks of life—academics, artists, journalists, gardeners, single moms, teachers, historians—but what we all had in common was a passion for storytelling. We didn’t tell just any stories, though. We told the stories of remarkable Canadian women that were unsung heroes or unheard of outside of their home communities.

About 5,000 Canadians still buy our printed calendar every year. In Canada, that’s bestseller status. But as the world becomes more and more digital, and people rely less and less on the printed page, we’re really curious about where our Herstorical passions will lead us. And so we’ve come online. We are bloggers and Tweeps. We’re interested in finding the pulse of Canadian women and their lives in the digital social world. We hope you’ll join us. Talk to us. Tell us your ideas. We’re @herstorytweets on Twitter. See you there!

About herstorycalendar

The official blog for Herstory: The Canadian Women's Calendar. An annual publication that celebrates notable Canadian women, Herstory is produced by the Saskatoon Women’s Calendar Collective (SWCC) and published by Coteau Books. Visit our website at www.herstorycalendar.com.
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