Herstory 2013 shows its true colours

Herstory 2013, published since 1974, is now in full colour.

Published every year since 1974, except in 1983 and 1984, Herstory: the Canadian Women’s Calendar has served as a fascinating collection and documentation of the lives of a wide spectrum of Canadian women of all ages and from all walks of life—including activists, artists, athletes, businesswomen, clergy, doctors, scientists, soldiers—who have all contributed to our cultural fabric in small or large ways.

This year, in its 39th year of publication, Herstory 2013 is available in full colour. The already compelling stories and topic pages are paired with inspiring images that range from sepia-tone or black-and-white archival images to full-colour contemporary artwork and women’s portraits. The colour and new layout enhance the rich bounty of information that is already the legacy of Herstory—a collection that describes the contributions of women who help create Canada as we know it. Herstory‘s mission is to make Canadian women’s history a part of everyone’s history.

Herstory 2013: the Canadian Women’s Calendar is available in fine bookstores across Canada and directly from the publisher, Coteau Books.

About herstorycalendar

The official blog for Herstory: The Canadian Women's Calendar. An annual publication that celebrates notable Canadian women, Herstory is produced by the Saskatoon Women’s Calendar Collective (SWCC) and published by Coteau Books. Visit our website at www.herstorycalendar.com.
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