From the archives: Augusta Stowe-Gullen (Herstory 1974)


Photo via the E.J. Pratt Library.

Augusta Stowe-Gullen, only daughter of Emily Howard Stowe, entered the Toronto School of Medicine in 1879 and became (in 1883) the first woman to study and graduate in medicine from a Canadian university. When the first Woman’s Medical College was formed in this year she was appointed Demonstrator of Anatomy and later Professor of Pediatrics, which post she held until the College amalgamated with the University of Toronto in 1906. In 1882 she was elected to the Toronto School Board and in 1896 she and her mother participated in a mock parliament called the Ontario Legislature of Women which was organized by the WCTU. She followed in her mother’s footsteps, an avid supporter of women’s suffrage. Upon Dr. Stowe’s death in 1903 Augusta became president of the Toronto Women’s Enfranchisement Association. She was appointed to the Senate of the University of Toronto and was vice-president of the National Council of Women, remaining chairperson of its citizenship committee throughout her life.

Text taken from The Influence of Dr. Emily Howard Stowe on the Woman Suffrage Movement in Canada by Joanne Emily Thompson.

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