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From the archives: Alice Wilson (Herstory 1974)

Photo via the website Inspirational Men & Women. Alice Wilson started work for the Geological Survey of Canada as a clerk in 1909, and she was determined to become a geologist. But it took her 36 long, struggling years to … Continue reading

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This month in Herstory 2013: Alexandra Hubbard Morton

As a child growing up in Connecticut, Alexandra dreamed of studying animals in the wild. As a young woman, she went to California to work with Dr. John Lilly, a pioneer in underwater dolphin communication. There, she met a pair … Continue reading

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Herstory 2013 shows its true colours

Published every year since 1974, except in 1983 and 1984, Herstory: the Canadian Women’s Calendar has served as a fascinating collection and documentation of the lives of a wide spectrum of Canadian women of all ages and from all walks … Continue reading

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